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“Our design-build construction experience has served clients in the commercial, manufacturing and industrial markets extensively. And our in-house capabilities and design-build approach insures that your budget and schedule will be realized.”

Gateway Specializes in:

  • Grain Elevators

  • Farm Construction

  • Farm Shops

  • Ethanol Plants

  • Repair and Maintenance

  • Fertilizer Plants

Past Ag Construction Projects


Grain Storage

We offer Commercial Ag grain storage and Farm grain storage options that can save you money and increase your profitability.

When it comes to your next commercial Ag project, you’ll want the best. That’s why we recommend Brock Bins. Backed by decades of storage design and manufacturing experience, BROCK Commercial Grain Bins offer commercial users the best built-in value over the life of the product.

We know Brock Bins. With years of expertise in the Ag industry, we’ll find the Brock Bin for all of your storage needs. Brock Bins allow you to securely store your grain allowing you to maximize your profitability.  Brock Solid™ – The best engineered, most durable grain bin made.

There’s no need to worry about a sweep with Brock’s Farm Hopper Bins. The sturdy gravity-flow hopper bottoms helps with easy unloading of your product.

Brock quality not only means secure storage, but also means more for your money. Brock’s hopper-bottom bins are the bins of choice for today’s modern grain producer.

Gateway Building Systems is a proud AGI Westeel Grain Bin Dealer — the global leader in steel manufacturing. We are proud to be the number one Westeel Grain Bin Dealer in 2021.

AGI Westeel Bins are built to provide you with the best options for your storage needs. With a full range of storage solutions that showcase exceptional quality, ease of installation, durability, and flexibility, storing your product has never been easier. When it comes to commercial and on-farm application, nobody has more experience manufacturing grain storage systems than our team at Gateway.

If you want a heavier, more durable steel – choose AGI Westeel from Gateway Building Systems. For more information give us a call at 1-800-747-4499.

Grain Dryers

We offer systems and solutions to help you. From Brock Commercial, In-Bin Stirators to Mathews Co. Meyer and Superb.

The VECTORTM ENERGY MISER® Mixed Flow Dryer is designed with many new features that improve grain flow for efficient moisture removal and gentle grain handling

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Brock’s Meyer Energy Miser Tower Grain Dryers offer fuel-efficient technology you can count on and capacities ranging from 1,000 to 2,650 bushels per hour.

Brock’s Superb Energy Miser SQ Dryer is configured for full-heat operation and pressure heat/pressure cool drying with multiple features.

We have a variety of dryer models available from Mathews Company.  From Energy Efficient modular tower Dryers, Expandable Dryers, to budget friendly Profile Dryers like the new Mathews Company ECO dryer, we’ll work with you to determine the right Mathews Company grain dryer for you.


Save money by sealing the base of your existing grain bin or add this to your new grain bin build.

Gateway Building System’s Flex-N-Seal offers a better way to seal the base of your new or existing grain bin.

Flex-N-Seal is the easy, effective, and economical answer to the challenge of keeping grain safe from moisture leaks. Flex-N-Seal replaces messy tar with formulated acrylic latex reinforced with nylon fiber mesh. Its waterproof protection reflects moisture and it doesn’t crack. The cured seal moves with the contour of the bin – expanding to 300%. In addition to sealing cracks and bin bases, Flex-N-Seal can be used on take-out tubes, aeration ducts, bin doors and all types of farm structures including Quonsets and Pole Barns. Whether your bin is empty or full, it’s easy to apply. For over 30 years, farmers have been looking to Gateway Building Systems for storage solutions. We’ve made a commitment to our customers to continually offer services and products like Flex-N-Seal that add security and profit to their bottom line. For a price quote on specific size bins e-mail us here or call us at 1-800-747-4499.

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Bin SumpPRO

Get peace of mind with the Bin SumpPRO as it helps to prevent 99% of bin plugging situations.

The Bin SumpPRO provides peace of mind by helping prevent 99% of the grain bin plugging situations. In addition to the invaluable safety benefits, the Bin SumpPRO offers a high return on investment by eliminating labor required costs and injuries.

The Bin SumpPRO is compatible with any grain bin with a floor sweep system. It is a retrofit kit that can be installed by Gateway Building System. It uses the existing powerhead, gearbox, and a modified auger, along with the five patent-pending components that are included in the kit:


1. Beaters
2. Gate Cutting Blades
3. Quick Coupler
4. HD Oversized Knuckle
5. Couple Storage Box”

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Grain Bin Accessories

We want to supply you with nothing but the best. No matter how small the product may be we know that everything needs to work together to drive successful results. Ask us about our quality accessories such as a rust-resistant coating or a rust proof polypropylene-encapsulated head.

Upgrade and update your grain doors, so you have two points of entry on your grain bin.

Securely access and store your grain with our user-friendly ladders on your grain bin.

Stairs mounted to your bin allow you to check the condition of stored grain and roof-mounted equipment without climbing a ladder. Brock’s stairway follows the wall shape of your grain bin.

Improve your grain bin operation.

Grain Aeration

We are ready to help improve your facility with Fans, Floors, Heaters, Spreaders,  Screeners and more!

The revolutionary design of Brock’s unique TRI-CORR® Bin Aeration Flooring System gives it remarkable strength. Plus, it includes the best features of Brock’s popular aeration floors to provide ample, even air distribution and to allow easy bin clean-out.

Determining the fan size and type depends on a number of different factors including grain bin size and how you use the grain bin. We have multiple types of grain bin fans including axial, low-speed centrifugal, high-speed centrifugal and in-line centrifugal fans to suite your particular application.

Condition your grain in the bin even during cool humid weather.

Roof vents are necessary for successful grain aeration.  We can calculate air flow, provide and install roof vents to fit your requirements.

Grain Bin Unloading

We offer a variety of sweeps to help you. Pick from Basic Round, ABC, Carry In, Maverik, Speep Master or U-Through sweeps.

A few sweeps is all it takes to unload your grain bin hassle-free.

Grain Handling

We can help with Air Systems, Augers, Conveyers, Distributors, Scales and other grain handling accessories.

Move your grain from your truck to your farm or commercial farm site quickly and efficiently during harvest with our top-quality dump pits.  Available is sizes from 50 bushels to 1,200 bushels.

Dump pit sites are crucial in farming operations and are worth the investment for several reasons:

1) Time Efficiency:

  • Dump pits allow for quick unloading of harvested grain directly from the combine or truck, significantly reducing waiting times.
  • Time saved in unloading contributes to streamlined harvesting operations, enabling farmers to capitalize on optimal weather conditions.

2) Continuous Harvesting:

  • With dump pit sites strategically located, farmers can maintain a continuous flow of harvesting, minimizing downtime during peak seasons.
  • Efficient unloading ensures that equipment remains in the field, maximizing productivity and yield.

3) Reduced Labor Costs:

  • Automated dump pits minimize the need for manual labor in the unloading process, reducing associated labor costs.
  • This allows farmers to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on other critical aspects of farming operations.

4) Enhanced Safety:

  • Dump pit sites are designed for safe and efficient unloading, reducing the risk of accidents associated with manual unloading or crowded storage areas.
  • Automated systems ensure a controlled and secure unloading process, promoting a safer working environment.

5) Increased Storage Capacity:

  • Dump pits facilitate the quick transfer of grain from the field to storage facilities, ensuring optimal use of storage capacity during peak harvest periods.
  • This enables farmers to manage large harvests effectively without the need for additional temporary storage.
6) Optimized Logistics:

  • Strategic placement of dump pit sites allows for efficient logistics planning, minimizing transportation bottlenecks and optimizing the movement of harvested grain.
  • This results in a smoother flow of grain from the field to storage or transportation to market.

7) Improved Grain Quality:

  • Quick unloading reduces the likelihood of grain damage or deterioration, ensuring that the harvested crop maintains its quality.
  • Preserving grain quality is essential for obtaining better prices in the market and maintaining overall profitability.

8) Adaptability and Scalability:

  • Dump pit sites can be designed to accommodate the specific needs and scale of a farming operation.
  • Farmers can invest in dump pit systems that align with their current needs and easily scale up as their operations expand

An Air system is an efficient way to move your grain on your farm. The grain is moved through the tubes using high pressure air, which allows grain-handling convenience and installation ease.

Get the most out of your dollar when moving grain.  Augers are a good alternative for budget installations

Bucket Elevators (also known as Grain Legs) offer multiple capacities to maximize your efficiency.  Grain legs handle material with very little damage and are extremely low maintenance.

If you are looking to move your grain a long distance, a Belt Conveyor’s adaptability allows for it to be utilized in a horizontal and/or inclined segment – perfect for your commercial facility.

Drag chain conveyors are built to get the job done.  Chain conveyors are a long lasting, low maintenance solution for moving grain.

Grain Pump style tube conveyors may be a good alternative to the traditional auger or air system.  We’ll work with you to determine which type of conveyors best fit for needs and budget.

Effectively distribute your grain to multiple spouts with a distributor.  Manually or electrically operated distributors by Schlagel and other manufacturers minimize problems and maximize ease.

Conveniently weigh your truckloads on-site.

Spouting, elbows, clamps, flanges and adjustable spout ends are available.

Grain Management Systems

Let us help you design and build a customized Grain Management System to improve your operation.

The Industry’s Leading Grain Bin Management Solution.

You invest too much in your crop to run the risk of shrinkage or over-drying in your grain bins.

IntelliFarms’ premier product, BinManager, dries, cools and even re-hydrates grain to your targets with precision. Using our patented 3G Plus™ Cables, BinManager measures the moisture and temperature throughout the grain mass and analyzes this data against the conditions of the outside air and the air in the plenum. From there, it determines and automates when the fans and/or heaters run.

You can easily track your BinManager’s progress by logging into your IntelliFarms Portal account, where you receive hourly updates on the moisture and temperature status of your grain and BinManager current status. No more manual probing or climbing the bins – you can check your BinManager activity from your Smartphone, tablet or computer anytime from anywhere.


Control the temperature of your grain all-year-long.

Support Structures

We can help with Air Systems, Augers, Conveyers, Distributors, Scales and other grain handling accessories.

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Screenless Dryers

Gateway now offers screenless dryers with many new features that improve grain flow for efficient moisture removal and gentle grain handling

Bin Stairs for Grain Bins
Mounts on any BROCK Bin 15 Feet in Diameter or more

Commercial Grain Storage Bins
Brock M-Series Grain Storage Bins

Commercial Tower Dryers
Vacuum cooling is key to the popularity and success of M-C Tower Dryers.

Everest Grain Storage
Brock E-Series Grain Storage Bins & Silos

Grain Bin Floors
Featuring Brock’s Super Strong Tri-Corr Bin Flooring.

Hutchinson Grain Pump
Portable & Stationary Grain Pumps.

Infinity Series Dryers
The Infinity Series with 8 Low Profile Models, capacities from 325 BPH to 900 BPH.

Legacy Series Expandable Dryers
The Legacy Series high capacity grain dryers may be used for dry and cool or all-heat operations.

M-C Trax Remote Dryer Monitoring
Access Dryer Information from Any Device, Anywhere.

MEYER Tower Dryers
BROCK MEYER Tower Dryers up to 2,650 BPH

Northstar Widemouth
Wide Mouth U-Through Grain Handling System.

On-Farm Holding Bins
More For Your Money with BROCK Quality

SQ Series Dryers
BROCK Superb Energy Miser SQ Series Dryers

Stiffened Holding Bins
From 15 Foot to 36 Foot hopper bottom holding bins.

The Grain Handler
Bin Unloading Equipment by Norwood Sales

Wide Corrugated Farm Grain Bins
Brock Grain Bin Systems bring World-Wide reputation for reliable on-farm storage.

IntelliFarms Collateral Booklet

Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance
Gateway Building Systems offers building maintenance to care for your buildings.

Seed Treatment

Seed Treatment
Gateway Building Systems now offers seed treatment for your crops.

10 Foot Vacuum Cool Series
Vacuum cooling is key to the popularity and success of M-C Tower Dryers.

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