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IntelliAir Technology: Grain Bin Management Solution

Innovation and technology in the agriculture industry are constantly evolving. Farmers and Ranchers can utilize technology not only to manage and track their products, but they will also benefit on a safety level. Gateway Building Systems offers the best technology in the field of agriculture. One tool that we have found to be incredibly useful for our customers is the BinManager IntelliAir System. This is an automated grain bin monitoring and conditioning system that consists of moisture cables, a plenum sensor, a weather station, wireless controls, and a master controller. This is the cornerstone system that integrates hardware, software, and lo T sensors to constantly watch and manage moisture levels and temperature changes inside your bins.

How It Works:

The moisture cables take in the grain moisture and temperature measurements, while the plenum sensor measures the exact temperature and moisture of the outside air right before it enters the bin. Meanwhile, the weather station provides accurate and reliable measurements of the outside air conditions, thus, being able to deliver all information to the master controller. The master controller then automatically adjusts the heaters and fans inside of the bin creating the perfect conditions for the final product — hence maintaining grain value and maximizing profits. 

The BinManager platform allows you the ability to manage and track the progress by logging into your live online account, where you will receive updates on the moisture and temperature status of your grain. No more manual probing or climbing the bins – you can monitor all activity from your Smartphone, tablet, or computer anytime from anywhere. This technology has been and will continue to be, game-changing for farmers and the generations to come.

Customer Testimonial:

Three years ago, Gateway had a customer who farms 10,000 acres of corn every year. He and his sons were behind in harvesting the crop that year, so in a decision to save time, they decided to leave the last 50,000 bushels of corn to dry at a later date– resulting in a bin full of wet corn. A few weeks later the family received a call while on vacation that it had snowed 4 inches and all the bins were filled with snow except the bin with the wet corn. It was a complete misfortune, to say the least. 

The Gateway team ended up going out to the site to assist the family. They had to cut a hole in the side of the grain bin to be able to use an auger to retrieve the corn. Instead of nice yellow corn typically sitting at 40 degrees, they had black corn around 140 degrees. The 50,000 bushels were destroyed and a complete loss. This ends up being right around $350,000 worth of corn. 

We strongly believe had this customer had the BinManager IntelliAir System, the outcome would have been very different. Grain management has never been this simple or convenient.

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