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Severe Winds Damage Farm Sites Across The Region

Several South Dakota National Guard members have been helping in Madison, South Dakota to assist with disaster recovery after the severe storms that came through on May 12. There were at least 28 damage reports throughout various SD counties.

Farmers are constantly dealing with unpredictable weather conditions that mother nature gives little to no warning about. We will see more of these conditions as we enter the summer season. This year in particular, high winds have been a common threat.  When these high winds reach certain speeds, the damage left behind can be not only dangerous but cause tremendous loss to farm and building sites. Unfortunately, this was the case for the areas of Madison, South Dakota and Morris, Minnesota this past month.

As pictured below, you can see that several farm sites were left in devastating condition, leaving farmers overwhelmed and disappointed. With harvest season in play, farmers need to be in the field and not worrying about loss and storage complications. 

The team at Gateway Building Systems can help. Don’t let hardships keep your operation down. We’ve got grain bins in stock! We have over 50 Brock Solid Grain Bins in stock now. Plus, we have grain legs and conveyers with millwright crews ready to go. 

For those fortunate enough to not have complete loss —  know that we also offer repair and maintenance to damaged bins, dryers, and buildings. 

If you’ve got questions — give the team at Gateway a call today at 1-800-747-4499. We’ll get your farm back to full strength. For more information visit us online at  

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