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M-C Mixed Flow Dryers

Looking to upgrade your current dryer, or maybe you have finally decided to add one to the farm? Gateway Building Systems is here to help by working with you to find your perfect Matthews Company Dryer. An M-C Dryer is built for quality and durability for you and your crops!

Mixed – Flow Dryers:

The MC Mixed-Flow Dryer has air flowing concurrent, counter, and across the direction of the
grain flow, this is the only dryer in Gateway’s inventory that currently has this configuration and
Commercial grade in-line centrifugal fans reduce sound, increase efficiency, and does not allow
“stall” operation to occur like it commonly does with traditional fans that operate in low
pressure applications. Its unique design utilizes a tapered duct. This evenly distributes drying
air across the grain, resulting in the highest quality grain and maximum drying and holding
capacity, drying up to 4,800 bushels per hour. In addition, all MC Dryers come with a manual
backup mode in order to always be able to run your dryer during critical harvesting times.


  • Enclosed Wet Hopper: This keeps the dryers interior clean and allows fewer filling
  • Pre-Heat Ducts: These direct the airflow to the wet hopper and warm the grain before
    it actually enters the heat chamber. This increases drying capacity.
  • External Heat Chamber: Keeps uniform temperature distribution. It applies the hottest
    temperatures to the wettest grain, thus taking out the concern of damaged product
    since the burner flame is located farther away from combustibles than other mixed-flow
    dryer designs.
  • SmartFlow™ Technology: This is an M-C exclusive design. It utilizes a tapered duct to
    send drying air across the grain column. This helps produce the highest quality grain
    and maximum drying capacity.
  • High Efficiency Burners: Includes stainless steel and cast aluminum construction and is
    monitored by commercial-grade Fireye™ flame controllers.
  • Quiet Drying: The commercial grade in-line centrifugal fans reduce noise, increases
    efficiency, and avoids “stall” operation.
  • Available AccuDry™ Moisture-Based Control: Measures incoming and outgoing grain
    moisture to control the discharge rate of the dryer. This ensures precise and uniform
  • 10” U-Trough Unload Auger: A convenient and quick release door at the bottom of the
    dryer. There is also an option for a drag conveyer unload.
  • Pinnacle 20/20: M-C dryer’s standard dryer control system. Includes an intuitive, 10”
    HD touchscreens which allows you to have complete control & customization. Dual
    touch screens are available for displaying even more information and extra redundancy.
  • M-C Trax: Monitor and Control your dryer from anywhere in the world. Get text or
    email notifications if the dryer shuts down for any reason. M-C created this industry-
    leading remote-control application to allow operators to remain in front of their dryers
    and in the know at all times.

    Contact Gateway Building Systems to learn more about the M-C Advantage, Mixed-Flow Dryers,
    and how adding one to your farm is the perfect investment for 2021!
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