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Roof/Bin Prevention

When it comes to the strength and integrity of your buildings and grain bins, one of the greatest threats is accumulated weight. Snow being the first thing that comes to mind during this time of the year, but trees are also a big factor when it comes to potential roof cave-ins. Although cave- ins are quite uncommon, chances are greater in sheltered yards due to the greater concentration of trees. Also, when the snow is not evenly distributed on the roof due to wind or other factors, it can cause only certain parts of the roof to become damaged.

What you can do to prevent cave-ins?

At Gateway Building Systems we advise you’re keeping an eye on your bins and buildings because any amount of snow greater than 12” could prove hazardous. In the event of visible minor damage or accumulating snow, you may want to take pictures to document the progression and take action, should it get worse. Should you need or decide to remove the snow, you can do it yourself or contact a professional, particularly if the structure is very high or large. To remove the snow yourself, it is recommended that you use safety gear, such as a harness and helmet, and a plastic shovel and a snow rake.


Upon inspection, if you find damage to your grain bin – know that it can be saved, so long as the damage isn’t too extensive. For instance, if a few sheets of the roof are damaged, they can be certainly replaced, but if the greater half of the sheets are damaged, our team Gateway Building Systems recommends replacing the whole roof.

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