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Construction Foreman FT/PT

The Construction Foreman provides leadership, coordination, supervision, and ensures the safety and productivity of the crews at the jobsite who install and/or assemble the components of agricultural and commercial structures and equipment. As a key participant in the relationship with the contractor, other contractors, company and client, the foreman acts as management liaison and client interface. Directs crew as to the installation of machinery, equipment, steel structures, and or concrete.

Reports to:                   Operations Manager/Project Manager

Direct Reports:            General Laborers 


  1. Safety:  The construction foreman must provide leadership that results in a safe work culture, is responsible and accountable for the safety of the crews under his direction and must understand and accept the importance and legal liability of the role. The construction foreman ensures that crewmembers apply the standards for safe working conditions and are fit for work each day. Duties include but are not limited to:
  • Knowing, understanding, communicating, and ensuring compliance with  OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations and company safety policies and procedures
  • Identifying needs, and providing or arranging for, crew safety training
  • Participating in safety/incident investigations and reviews
  • Completing incident and other safety reports
  • Expedites answers to any technical safety questions
  • Adheres to safety procedures as it applies to the use of equipment and tools on the job site
  • ID & address unsafe conditions as well as employee concerns.
  1. Leadership and Supervision: The construction foreman leads the crew and is accountable for how the crew completes the assigned work, and must understand and consistently apply the employer’s policies. Duties include but are not limited to:
  • Properly addresses client concerns and changes to construction
  • Fosters employer client relationship
  • Ensuring crew members are oriented to the job
  • Assessing competency and capability of tradespersons; evaluating crew capability and benchmarking to others to ensure that the crew meets required levels of quality
  • Communicating the job to and with the crew
  • Ensures that equipment operators and or crew members are properly trained and qualified to operate tools and motorized equipment.
  • Assigning individual and crew tasks
  • Training and mentoring crew members in specific tasks
  • Recognizing, addressing, and resolving issues/problems among/between crew(s)
  • Setting and maintaining work standards outlining behavioral expectations to ensure crew morale and productivity
  • Applying the company’s corrective action policy where applicable
  • Communicating the job to and from the Project Managers
  • Ensuring crew compliance with project and company policies and procedures.
  1. Planning and Scheduling:  The construction foreman is accountable for following project plans and schedules and ensuring the crew’s daily and weekly activities meet production goals. Duties include but are not limited to:
  • Identifying needs and deficiencies in the plan/schedule and communicating these to Project Managers
  • Translating general work requirements into a prioritized plan for individual tasks and assignments
  • Reviewing and adjusting specific workforce activities and task schedules to meet established production schedules
  • Working with the crew to overcome work challenges
  • Reporting any scheduling conflicts with other crews and contractors to Project Managers
  • Organizes the crew, tools, and the equipment needed to perform tasks, as well as planning for tools & materials needed to minimize unnecessary trips.
  1. Quality Control:  The construction foreman is accountable for ensuring the work performed meets standards and for recommending work processes to improve productivity and quality. Duties include but are not limited to:
  • Reads and properly interprets layout plans, blueprints, and other drawings as it applies the installation of machinery, equipment, and construction of industrial establishments.
  • Overseeing the execution of the work, including quality and production, by ensuring that the crew works to job specifications and follows the blueprints
  • Inspecting completed work and initiating timely resolution of  any repairs
  1. Administration: The construction foreman is accountable for the preparation of reports as is required by the company. These duties include but are not limited to:
  • Accurately Tracks and accounts for all labor on a daily basis and submits “Daily Logs” to appropriate persons including reporting late starts and or missed days
  • Documents all items removed from and returned to stock
  • Tracks equipment used on jobsite documenting proper equipment numbers hours worked per day and equipment operators
  • Completes “Driver’s Vehicle Inspection Report” and reports equipment and vehicle issues to appropriate persons
  • Completes crew evaluations as required for raises and promotions
  • Recommends personnel actions such as hiring, promotions, and corrective action
  • Properly documents any corrective action taken 
  • Updates appropriate persons as to changes in status of crew members
  • Properly documents and reports safety incidents to appropriate personnel


This position requires the ability to ensure the proper construction of structures and or installation of equipment and machinery.  Position must be able to manage and direct crew personnel in such a manner as to adhere to the company’s construction schedule and quality control and safety procedures. Provide effective problem solving skills and leadership that ensures construction processes success.

Impact of Position

Construction foremen are accountable for maintaining standards of work as set forth by the employer.  They directly influence client satisfaction by performing work up to the client standards as well as company standards. Successful completion of construction processes fosters positive client relationships and helps to ensure continuing work with clients, and a positive company reputation.


Daily contact with Project Management concerning project status, progress, design, and construction changes as well as problems. Convey to Project Management client concerns or any changes given to foreman by the client.

Weekly contact with office personnel concerning “Daily Logs” and other required paperwork.

Weekly contact with upper management about project progress and scheduling.

Regular contact with the foreman of other crews concerning scheduling and project status.

Regular contact with project client about project progress and or changes.



  • High school diploma

Experience Required:

  • Supervision of construction personnel
  • Minimum 2 years experience with installation of machinery, equipment, steel structures, and or concrete.
  • Welding certifications for applicable positions

Desired Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge in the construction of Agricultural projects and steel building erection projects. 
    • Grain bin erection
    • Construction of catwalk, conveyers, augering systems
    • Steel building erection
    • Concrete 
  • Ability to read blueprints, drawings, and layout plans
  • Ability to work in a stressful environment
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to plan and execute work independently
  • Ability to meet scheduling deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to organize and delegate work
  • Ability to coach, teach and manage crew members
  • Knowledge of occupational health, safety, and environmental safety issues

Physical Demands:

  • Ability to stand or remain on feet for extended periods of time.  
  • Must be able to do moderate amounts of physical labor. Including but not limited to repetitive bending, lifting, and climbing


  • Flexible work schedule (early/late/weekend) hours required
  • Some short and long term travel may be required
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